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Auto Insurance

In order to drive a car in Ontario, you must have insurance. Although auto insurance can be seen as a nuisance at times, it can protect you and your family against financial disaster.
An auto insurance policy is a very complicated legal document and should not be considered a “do it yourself” purchase, unless you are well educated in the wordings and the laws surrounding the highway traffic act as well as the potential exposures when taken to court by another injured or damaged party.
At Sentinel we make sure you have the best protection. From collisions with other drivers, impact with animals, to damage to a vehicle from hail, we will go through the application process with you and make sure you are aware of what you are required to cover, what should be covered, and how you are covered.
We can Compare auto insurance rates across a number of different companies to find the best option for you. We realize that price is a large portion of the equation when it comes to auto insurance and with individualized rating, we will make sure that we are finding the best option for you and your family.

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