Flood Insurance – Am I Covered?

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February 14, 2020
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Flood Insurance – Am I Covered?

Flood Insurance

Get ready to protect your home from spring waters.

With spring coming, the risk of water in the home becomes a worry for many homeowners. 2019 saw record amounts of floods in Canada. It is predicted by reports that 2020 is showing higher than normal flood risks. The risk of water into basements has increased at a steady pace over the past decade. The average price of a water claim in a basement has risen to just over $43,000. And that is just the average.

How can we prepare ourselves for this risk.

  1. Monitor the forecast – This will help us to know if there are weather patterns on the horizon that could lead to excess water that can enter the home in many different ways.
  2. Use professionals – A professional plumber could come in and do an inspection of your homes plumbing system to make sure it is working as it should. They can inspect the sump pump and also make recommendations on back flow valves to prevent water from backing up into the home.
  3. If you don’t have a backflow valve, one can be installed on your main line to reduce this risk exponentially. If you do have a backflow valve, it should be cleaned of debris on an annual basis.
  4. If you don’t have a sump pump, consideration should be given to installing one. Select a pump that is the appropriate size for your home. Battery backup is also a good idea in case of a storm that knocks the power out.
  5. Landscaping – Sloe of your yard should be so that water drains away from the home and not into the home. Fix low spots in your property.
  6. Spring Snow – With fluctuating temperatures in the spring, any snow should be moved away from the home and heavy snow should be removed from the roof. A professional can come and do this for you if this is something you are uncomfortable with yourself.
  7. Downspouts – Inspect your downspouts for damage from the winter. Also remove all leaves and debris following the winter. Make sure all downspouts have extensions attached directing water away from the home.

If you have questions regarding flood coverage, or if you would like a free quote on flood insurance coverage please call: 1-888-231-2011 or email: info@sentinelrisk.ca